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On Knitting and Life

I can never find enough time to knit . . .

I'm married and have two children.

I have an undergraduate degree in Finance and master's in Management.

I love to knit, watch reality tv and read.

I work as a business analyst for a large co. in BOSTON.

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I love paintings/frescos that 'draw' you in. I just love this painting. I have a postcard of it and I remember it vividly from my trip to Italy in 2001. It's in St. Francis' Basilica in Assisi. The fresco is called 'Our Lady of the Sunset-Madonna dei Tramonti' by Lorenzetti.

It's the only painting I can think of where Jesus is desperately looking to his mother for direction. In the picture, Jesus is wondering which Saint he should bless (there are two saints --I can't remember who--seated to the left and right in this painting--they're not shown in the above pic). Mary is looking sternly down at Jesus, thumbing toward the correct saint with a look as if to say, "Don't screw this up!" Mary is depicted more as a mother here. Usually Jesus is shown in paintings as 'all-knowing.' I love this take on their mother/son relationship.

Other fav. paintings:
E. Hopper's Nighthawks:

Wyeth's Christina's World:

E. Hopper's Chop Suey: